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Kevin A Rauter, DDS

General Dentistry


Smile Gallery


Patient reported to our office with complaint of not liking her smile. She was dissatisfied with the color, angulation of the teeth and the uneven lengths. She also disliked her pointed canine teeth. Patient also wanted a broader looking smile, she did not like the dark spaces at the corner of her mouth on the right side. We discussed doing braces with bleaching but patient was not open to that option. She wanted a perfect smile which neccessitated doing veneers on the front 10 teeth. As you can see the results were spectacular and the patient was very pleased.


Patient reported to our office after years of avoiding the dentist. She had periodontal(gum) disease as well as unsightly veneers. Patient expressed a desire to whiten her smile. She no longer liked her smile.

After addressing the periodontal disease we were able to accomplish the patient's desire to have a beautiful smile again. We did this using 10 porcelain veneers fabricated per our smile design analysis. Patient was very pleased with the results.


Patient reported to our office with chief complaint of crowded and misaligned teeth. She did not want to go through braces as an adult. We discussed veneers as a alternative to braces. Photos taken from the side to show the misalignment better and to show the correction.

Veneers and crowns

Patient reported to our office with complaints of space between the front teeth and yellow smile. She wanted to improve her smile and close the space if possible. Braces was not an option that the patient wante to pursue.

We were able to accomplish both her goals by using both crowns and veneers to close her space and brighten her smile. This case took careful planning with our top notch lab to achieve the beautiful results seen here.

Veneers and crowns

Patient was unhappy with the spacing between his teeth and the overall shape of his teeth. His teeth were to small for his smile. Braces would not have given patient a broad smile due to the skinny teeth present. We used procelain veneers to improve his smile.


Patient had poorly matched crowns and tetracylcine staining on her natural teeth. She reported feeling sef conscious about her smile. We were able to obtain a gorgeous smile for her using a combination of veneers and crowns. Patient now has the confidence to smile and laugh like she never had before.

Bleaching and Bonding

Patient reported with chipped and worn front teeth due to grinding. Bonding along with bleaching was chosen over veneers. This conservative approach works well when patients remaining teeth are in good shape and well aligned.

Dental Implants